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Nutritional and Health benefits of DOLE Mushrooms.  There is Handling Information and Preparation Hints to make the most of your purchase.  Our Recipe Library has a vast assortment of ideas for successfully serving mushrooms.  You can also learn about the many Mushroom Varieties and How Mushrooms Grow.

DOLE Mushrooms Goes Pink

t’s not the just healthy, great taste that is different this month with our DOLE Mushrooms.  In support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, our mushrooms will feature a Pink till as the mushroom community joins the fight against breast cancer. 

Buying DOLE Mushrooms this month will not only make a difference in tonight’s meal but also in the fight against breast cancer.  Together, the mushroom community will donate $50,000 to the City of Hope.  Considered one of America’s leading hospitals, the City of Hope is researching the effects of mushrooms on cancer suppression.  With your help, we can discover another weapon in the fight against breast cancer.  Learn more...